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Aditya Scientific, a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment like rotary evaporators, thermostat controllers, process reactors, magnetic stirrers, diaphragm vacuum pumps etc, was started in the year 2010. We are a Hyderabad, India based company that specializes in manufacturing laboratory equipment which are used in Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Chemistry Research. Leading institutions such as IITs, BITS, Major State Universities, Custom Research Organizations, etc trust our equipment. We also cater to other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Africa as well apart from PAN India.

Our stated mission is to be the best laboratory equipment manufacturing company in India, with a passion for innovation and integrity. What made Aditya Scientific confident about being successful in this field was that we had strong domain knowledge in both engineering and chemistry. Other manufacturers were only knowledgeable in engineering related concepts, while we understood the needs of a chemist and worked on cost-effective solutions which match and sometimes surpass international standards.

With customized solutions

Journey Of Aditya Scientific

Way back in 2005, Naresh Reddy was the Chief Operational Officer of a custom research organization. The organization used to import rotary evaporator. Imported units were expensive and to manage the costs, a couple of indigenous units were purchased. However, these units started malfunctioning within 2 weeks of usage. To fix this problem, Naresh started working on improving the sealing mechanism, which is the heart of the unit. Thus, Naresh got the idea of starting his own manufacturing company as there was a vacuum in the market for supplying 'value for money' products and this is how Aditya Scientific was started. That's when he took the decision to start our own manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India.

Aditya Scientific initially started with Magnetic Stirrers then going forward integrated into Rotary Evaporator, Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, Chillers, Reactors, Vacuum Oven etc. Aditya Scientific has a professional sales and service team and is committed to providing customized solutions and superior after-sales service to the esteemed customers to meet their exact requirement in time.

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