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Rotary Evaporator, Rotavapour, Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, Magnetic Stirrer

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Since 2010, Aditya Scientific has been manufacturing laboratory equipment for educational institutions, custom research organizations, natural product extraction units, national research laboratories, chemical, leading life sciences and pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies around the world rely on leading edge drug discovery and development processes that require safe, efficient and compliant sample preparations. Aditya Scientific offers varied solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories that are being used by top pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Divis Laboratories
Dr Reddy's Laboratories
Apotex Pharmachem
Keminntek Laboratories
MSN Laboratories
Aavishkar Oral Strips
Aditya Scientifc's laboratory equipment provides comprehensive solutions for the dynamic research environment required by the life sciences research companies thus, providing safe, comfortable and efficient types of equipment.
Aurigene Discoveries
Sai Life Sciences
Suven Lifesciences
Celon Laboratories
Clarity Research
Ocimum Life Sciences
SRC Laboratories
Chemveda Life Science
Aditya Scientific provides various solutions for reliable and safe sample processing procedures in laboratories. Research and analysis become a breeze with our state of the art equipment.
GMK Research
GVK Biosciences
Kemio Solutions
The chemical industry requires cost-effective and sustainable processes that are safe and scalable. To cater to these highly technical and precise requirements, Aditya Scientific provides a variety of proven solutions for R&D, quality control and production.
Kuraray India
Advent Chembio
Dev Synthesis, Hyderabad
Education institutions and research institutes (both private and government-owned) rely on flexible and scalable laboratory equipment. Aditya Scientific possesses best in class solutions for various requirements in laboratories covering a wide range of scientific applications.
BITS, Pilani
IIT, Mumbai
IIT, Guwahati
IIT, Hyderabad
IIT, Madras
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