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Vacuum Jacketed Vessel | Jacketed Glass Reactor Vessel


Aditya Scientific's Process Reactor is a bench-top jacketed reactor system combining excellent value and high-quality construction with unique, user-friendly features and reliable performance. Designed for daily use because of its intuitive and thoughtful design makes it incredibly easy to use. It offers rapid height adjustment and two clamp sizes to accommodate a wide range of vessels from 250 ml to 10 L which can be interchanged rapidly and seamlessly. The system can be used over a wide temperature range for all your lab's chemistry needs. A wide selection of accessories and upgrades for automation is also available.

Due to its modular design, wide vessel range, and wide temperature limits, process reactors can be used in many applications including process development and optimization, advanced synthesis, crystallization, automated synthesis etc.

Features: -

  • Easy scale-up with a wide vessel range
  • Work at your height with easy, tool-free adjustment
  • Avoid spills with rapid oil pipe connection and oil drain valve
  • Quick clamp system for fast and safe vessel loading and Unloading
  • Save lab space with one process reactor frame for all vessels
  • Easy, simple, tool-free motor adjustment


Aditya Scientific's process reactors have been designed by chemists who understand the issues chemists face with jacketed reactor systems. Our  process reactors are easy to customize as required by  simply choosing from a range of vessel sizes and types, baffles, probes, sensors, stirrers, stirrer motors and other glassware accessories.

Jacketed reactors
Choose from a range of glass jacketed and vacuum jacketed reaction vessels. All process reactor vessels are manufactured at our state-of-the-art glass manufacturing site.
Jacketed Vessels – 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L – 20 liters sizes are available
Vacuum Jacketed Vessels – 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L – 5 liters sizes are available

PTFE, glass, and stainless steel stirrers in a variety of geometries are available - anchor, pitch blade turbine and retreat curve impellor. Custom stirrers are also available.

Stirrer Motors
High torque (200 N/cm), digital display stirrer motors up to 1000 rpm, with the timer feature is available.

Process reactor lids are available in borosilicate glass, PTFE and stainless steel in various sizes: DN100 (EU and US) and DN150 (EU and US). Custom lids are also available.

Probes and Nodes
Wide range of probes and nodes available in various lengths, including temperature, turbidity, and pH.

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