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Rotary Evaporator


This model of 5L rotary evaporator is provided with easy auto lift, a simple touch operation to lift flask. With the rotary evaporator you can as well compose your individual modular concept, consisting of rotary evaporator, vacuum controller, vacuum pump and chiller. Distil the solvents reliably with this rotary evaporator. Aditya offers an intelligent solution to process your solvent evaporation easy and safely. Our vacuum distillation system makes evaporating easy for you and allows you to concentrate on your research.

Features: -

  • Comes with an integrated Combo-Clip
  • Equipped with an LED rotation speed setting
  • Comes with an electronic speed control rotation drive
  • Equipped with a vapor tube that can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Comes with a safety protection switch to avoid overheating
  • Has a flexible bath position
  • Sealing Ring (Vacuum Seal): Graphite filled PTFE
  • SS316 heating bath
  • Automatic lift type
  • Equipped with secondary protection cut off switch

Technical Specifications: - 

Control Unit
01 Operating Voltage (control unit) 230 V 50/60 Hz
02 Vacuum valve (system) Yes
03 Aerating valve (system) Yes
04 Vacuum sensor Yes
05 Automatic vacuum control mode Yes
06 Vapor temperature Yes
01 Dimensions (LxDxH) 1400x900x1250 [Approx. Size]
02 Reflux system Yes
03 Condenser Cooling Area 1.2 sqm
04 Distillate flask 50L X 1 No.
05 Receiver Flask 20L X 1 No.
06 Flask neck Large core diameter (standard 120 mm)
Motor unit
01 Rotating Speed 60 rpm
02 Electronic speed control Yes
03 Electronic load control Yes
04 Temperature safety switch Yes
05 Slow acceleration mode Yes
01 Operating Voltage (bath) 440V / Three Phase
02 Heating element 8 KW
03 MOC of heating bath Stainless steel
04 Heating Bath Insulated
05 Heating Bath temp Range 20-100°C (option 20-160°C)
06 Over temperature limiter (heating element) Yes
07 Adjustable over temperature thermostat) Yes
08 Electronic temperature thermostat Yes
Sealing system
01 Sealing system vacuum stability Ultimate vacuum (system empty) better than 1 mbar
02 Life expectancy (sealing system) Approx. 20,000 running hours.
03 Warranty (sealing system) 3 years
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