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The new indigenous diaphragm pumps features improved performance data and superior vapor tolerance. Diaphragms have especially long lives and seal the drive space from the pumping chamber to protect mechanical parts from corrosion.

Our diaphragm pumps are an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of corrosive gases and vapors. Chemically resistant and eco-friendly diaphragm pumps are resistant to aggressive solvents and acidic vapors which make them a handy product to use in chemically rich environments.

The diaphragm pumps achieve distinctively high performance compared to other types of pumps because of high pumping chamber volume relative to the minimal dead space. The lack of abrasion also eliminates most particulate impurities that are frequently generated inside of other types of pumps such as scroll or piston pumps.

The two-stage construction provides an advantageous combination of high pumping speed and low ultimate vacuum. The diaphragms and gas contacting parts consist of PTFE, PTFE Compounds, and ceramic compounds. Well-proven PTFE sandwich diaphragms are used for increased reliability and extended operating life. The vacuum processes run more effective and is reproducible. The additional pressure reduction allows the distillation of gas mixtures almost automatically and without fractionated operation.

Features: -

  • Has outstanding chemical resistance and superior
  • Comes with vapor tolerance
  • Gives high performance even at low vacuum levels
  • Provides optimized vacuum even with gas ballast
  • Is whisper quiet and has low vibrations
  • Has long diaphragm line
  • It's a maintenance free drive system

Technical Specifications: - 

Number of heads / stages ----- 2 / 2
Max. pumping speed at 50 Hz m3/h 2.0
Max. pumping speed at 50 Hz cfm 1.2
Ultimate vacuum (abs.) mbar/torr 9 / 7
Ultimate vac. (abs.) with gas ballast mbar/torr 14 / 11
Ambient temperature range (operation) °C 10 - 40
Max. back pressure (EX) (abs.) bar 1.1
Inlet connection (IN) ---- 10 mm
Outlet connection (EX) ---- 10 mm
Rated motor power kW 0.18
Rated speed at 50/60 Hz min - 1 1440
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 243 x 243 x 198
Weight kg 11.1
Noise level at 50 Hz, typ. dBA 45
CE mark ---- Yes
Items supplied ---- Pump completely Ready for use
  ATEX ---- II 2G Ex h IIC T3 Gb            II 2G Ex h IIC T3 Gb
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