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These pilot rotary evaporators are mainly built for industrial purpose to meet the challenging needs of large laboratories. All the three models of pilot rotary evaporators RE-20, RE-50 and RE-100 come with special features for flexibility to handle it easily, good distillation performance and absolutely leak-proof.

Buoyancy System Pilot rotary evaporators RE-20, RE-50 and RE-100 are equipped with a Buoyancy System. The rotary evaporator can be handled much easier than the conventional system which is available in the market. Buoyancy system emphasizes that the motor unit is fixed with the shaft, which makes it possible to rotate it at an angle of approx 45⁰. As a result, the rotating flask will move up and down in both directions according to its content.

Sealing System For achieving a good distillation performance & careful treatment of the product, a good and long-term stable sealing system is very important. Therefore, Aditya Rotary Evaporators are equipped with a mechanical sealing system that makes it possible to distil even high boiling solvent without any problem. The sealing system consists of a chemically inert material like a special PTFE compound and borosilicate glass. Under empty conditions, the sealing system can reach an ultimate vacuum value of better than 1 mbar.

Glass Parts The glass parts of a rotary evaporator are made of high-quality borosilicate glass which is processed very precisely. All the plane surfaces etc., are ground. This ensures that the system is absolutely leak proof. The absolute maximal water pressure for the condenser should be below 2 bar.

All the other functional features of Aditya 20L / 50L / 100L Rotary Evaporators are at par with any international brand available in the market today.

Technical Specifications: - 

Control Unit  
Operating Voltage (control unit) 230 V 50/60 Hz
Vacuum valve ( system) Yes
Aerating valve (system) Yes
Vacuum sensor Yes 
Automatic vacuum control mode Yes (Digital Vacuum Controller)
Vapour temperature Yes   
Dimensions (LxDxH)  1400x900x1250 [Approx. Size]
Reflux system Yes
Condenser Cooling Area 1.2 sqm
Distillate flask  50L X 1 No.
Receiver Flask 20L X 1 No. 
Flask neck Large core diameter  (standard 120 mm)
Motor Unit  
Rotating Speed  150 rpm
Electronic speed control Yes
Electronic load control Yes
Temperature safety switch Yes
Slow acceleration mode Yes
Operating Voltage (bath) 440V / Three Phase
Heating element   8 KW 
MOC of heating bath Stainless steel
Heating Bath Insulated
Heating Bath temp Range 20-100°C (option 20-180°C)
Over temperature limiter (heating element) Yes
Adjustable over temperature thermostat) Yes
Electronic temperature thermostat Yes
Sealing System  
Sealing system vacuum stability Ultimate vacuum (system empty) better than 1 mbar
Life expectancy (sealing system) Approx. 20,000 running hours.
Warranty (sealing system) 3 years
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