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RE-2 rotary evaporator is designed for purification and distillation tests. It rotates and shapes a thin film in negative pressure conditions by heating and condensing. The waste solvent is collected in a separate container which can be reused later. Through our RE-2 rotary evaporator, products can be transformed into system devices.

Features: -

  • Comes with an integrated Combi-Clip
  • Equipped with an LED rotation speed setting
  • Comes with a electronic speed control rotation drive
  • Equipped with a vapor tube that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes
  • Comes with a safety protection switch to avoid overheating
  • Has a flexible bath position
  • Sealing Ring : Graphite filled PTFE
  • Ceramic coated heating bath
  • Manual lift type
  • Equipped with a secondary protection cut off switch

Technical Specifications: - 

Description RE2
Lift Type Manual
Condenser Type Vertical/Horizontal
Rotation Speed (RPM) 20-320
Vapour Tube Single piece with Sleeve for Easy Removal
Integrated Combi-Clip Yes
Suitable flask size (ml) 50-5000 ml
Rotation speed setting LED Display
Motor Power (W) 60
Heating Capacity (W) 1300
Total Power (W) 1360
Temperature Range (oC) 20 – 210
Temperature Accuracy (oC) 1
Overheat Protection Safety cutoff over +5 (oC)
Temperature Setting Digital LED
Temperature Control Electronic PID Control
Secondary Protection Cutoff 250oC
Material Heating Bath Ceramic Coated / SS316L
Volume Heating bath (L) 4.5L - Dia 255mm Suitable 50- 5000ml
Bath Position Flexible to extend to suit flask size
Sealing ring Graphite filled PTFE
Power Supply 230 VAC, 50Hz
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